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Common Triggers

Before any treatment make sure you first identify anything that makes your condition worse. Avoiding these exacerbating factors or triggers will help you manage your condition.

Common triggers include:

Products such as soaps, deodorants and bubble baths

Some ingredients in these products can further dry and irritate the skin. Try alternatives such as emollient creams as a good soap substitute, and bath emollient instead of bubble bath.

Wool and synthetic fibres

Some constituents in clothes and bedlinen can aggravate dry skin and eczema. Make sure you avoid all contact with the material that you find aggravates you. Try to stick to cotton, silver coated textiles and special "anti-allergy" bedlinen.

Biological washing powders and conditioners

These contain ingredients that may aggravate the skin. There are non-biological alternatives.


Many people report their condition gets worse when they are stressed. Try to stay relaxed and keep a positive attitude.


Scratching may seem like a natural response to the condition but it can make the condition worse, as it further breaks down the barrier of the skin. Stop the itch-scratch cycle by keeping fingernails short. Children can be prevented from scratching by forming a physical barrier between their hands and the inflamed skin. Bandages are often used.


If the skin is inflamed there will already be a lot of heat in the skin so try to keep yourself cool.