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Hydromol Ointment

Helps by forming an occlusive barrier

Hydromol Intensive bottleHydromol Ointment feels soft, and rubs easily into the skin.

It leaves a protective barrier to seal water into the skin.

Free from preservatives, it moisturises, softens and protects, for the relief of dry skin and eczema.

To use:

Occlusive formula ideal for night time use. Use instead of soap for a soft, creamy wash.



Product details:

  • Includes yellow soft paraffin
  • Available in a tub in sizes of 125g, 500g and 1kg and tube size of 100g from all pharmacies
  • A highly occlusive emollient product that contains no added fragrances, colour or preservatives
  • This product is particularly useful for very dry skin, for use under wet wraps or as a night treatment
  • For use with conditions in which dry skin is a feature. Does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This may be useful if your skin is particularly sensitive to this ingredient